How We're Safely Helping Clients During COVID-19

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It's a new decade and real estate is changing — drastically. COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) is here in Tennessee and the Nashville Hot Properties team is working hard to keep our clients safe. We're taking this virus very seriously but know that many people still need to buy or sell their homes for various reasons. 

Here's how the Nashville Hot Properties team is working to take care of our clients:


1. We're providing instructions to agents showing your home. Their clients must be pre-qualified and ready to go, even providing proof as needed.

2. Clients and agents must use disposable gloves or paper towels (provided) to open any doors and cabinets.

3. As needed, we'll host virtual open houses to showcase your home. 

4. Before anyone tours in person, they'll be able to see photos and videos to know if your home is even a fit.

5. There will be a notice on the door asking if they have traveled recently, have any people sick in their home or if they have any COVID-19 symptoms that they do not enter the home. 

6. We'll provide flyers and disclosures online so as to not spread germs via printed documents.


1. We'll ride separately.

2. Our team will open the home and walk a safe six-foot distance from you. 

3. We will also provide gloves or towels for opening doors, cabinets, etc.

4. We'll provide documents virtually so there's no in-person signing, etc. E-signatures will be accepted for all documents.

5. We'll provide live video from potential homes so you're able to ask questions and view it from the comfort of your home.

Coronavirus Precations

If you're choosing to sell with Nashville Hot Properties, you can also help in the following ways: 

1. Leave all the lights on.

2. Stay close to home so you know when you can come and go.

3. Leave some cabinets and doors open so possible buyers don't have to touch as many handles.

4. Do a virtual video with me so potential buyers can see the things you find interesting and value most in your home. This might even increase their interest! 


Although we're doing our best to slow the spread, we ask that you stay informed through the CDC website. Please contact Nashville Hot Properties with any of your questions and follow us on Instagram for more!