How to Increase Your Home's Value

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How to Increase Your Home's Value

You may not be ready to put your house on the market at this time, but if you are considering that possibility in the next year or so, why not do some updates that will not only increase the value but will also provide you some enjoyment while you wait for the ideal time for you to put it on the market. You probably will not get the entire investment back in your sale price, but it may make the difference between selling quickly or losing out to the competition. Here are some ideas and the estimated percentage of value that you might expect.


Project (average cost recouped, national) according to Realtor Magazine:


Minor kitchen remodel (88%)

Bathroom remodel (85%)

Major kitchen remodel (81%)

Family room addition (80%)

Deck addition (77%)

Owner's suite (75%)

Attic bedroom (74%)

Siding replacement (73%)

Window replacement (69%)

Home office (55%)