5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

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Earth Day is today (April 22). The annual holiday is the anniversary of the creation of the environmental movement that happened back in 1970.  It's a day to take care of the environment and learn new ways that you can help — even at home. 

Here are five ways to celebrate Earth Day at home:


If you don't already have a recycling system, today is a great day to put one in place. Either call one of our local companies that pick up recycling bi-weekly or find a place to drop off recycling near you. Start your search here. Amazon has several recycling bin options that you can order and get in this week. 

Switch Your Straws

You've probably heard how bad plastic straws are for the environment. Make your decision today to stop using plastic straws. Instead of opting for those dreaded paper straws, order reusable metal straws. They're even dishwasher safe! 

Plant a Tree

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your children are young, this is a great way to get them involved in Earth Day. They'll love planting a tree and watching it grow as they do. Here are some tips on planting your new tree.

Pick Up Trash

Get your daily exercise and do some good by picking up trash in your community. Walk through your neighborhood with bags for both trash and recycling. Your neighbors will appreciate it, too!

Change Your Cleaning Products

Now that it's time for spring cleaning, it's a great time to change your chemical cleaning products to something more environmentally (and family) friendly. Oprah has some great recommendations to get you started.


Want to get out and get involved in Nashville or Middle Tennessee for Earth Day? Here's what's happening in our area