2018's Top 10 Interior Design Trends on Pinterest

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We’re several months into 2018 and Pinterest has noticed the year's most popular interior design trends. The social media site has ranked their most-saved pins and the home pins seem to be all about the details.

According to Pinterest’s newsroom, the interior design pins grow every year. In fact, they go up nearly 75% year after year. These are the top 10 pin trends for interior design this year — and a little on how you can make them your own.

Spa Bathrooms  

Pinterest users are saving more and more pins featuring luxurious spa bathrooms. That can mean whirlpool tubs, claw-foot tubs or spacious showers. Your bathroom should be your own personal oasis and now, more than ever, homeowners believe that. HGTV has a great photo gallery of spa baths that can help you figure out which amenities are important to you.

Statement Ceilings

Who says you have to limit your statement making to your walls and furniture? Make a bold statement with your ceiling. These are the most popular statement ceilings on Pinterest and some of them may inspire you.

Mixed Metals

Before, many people thought mixed metals were a no-no but not anymore. Mixed metals are a huge trend right now. Whether you're mixing them with colors or multiple types of metallics, get creative. 

Bone Inlay Tiles

Bone inlay makes a huge statement. One scroll through Pinterest and you'll see bone inlay chairs, coffee tables and even bed frames! There are a ton of ways to make this work in your home but let Pinterest inspire you.

Terrazzo Floorings

You probably remember terrazzo as the big floor trend of the 1970s but that look is back! Now it's not just for flooring. Creative interior designers are now using the tiles for entryways and even ceilings. Apartment Therapy has a great article about the recent trend. 

Bright Doors

Now homeowners are letting their front doors greet their visitors — in a big way. Statement doors are all the rage right now and it's something any home can pull off. Make sure your door doesn't clash with your home's exterior, though.

Herringbone Patterns

If you want to add a little modern decoration to your home, this may be the trend for you. Wall tiles and floors in herringbone are taking over. If these are done the right way, they can truly make a difference in your home's look. Here are a few examples of timeless herringbone patterns


Sage is a hot new color trend for the home. It's a grey-green but it's not too much of either. It's the "new neutral," according to Pinterest's newsroom.

Patterned Plants

Who knew you could add some extra beauty to your home with a simple patterned plant? Green plants are out (although we still love them) and more vibrant plants are popular right now. Consider picking up your own prayer plant as a start.

Statement-Making Wall Art

Wall art is becoming increasingly more important to a home these days. Consider covering up a blank wall with an artsy framed photo you took on vacation or a bright painting from your favorite local artist. 


Photo Credit: Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Flickr